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Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Advantage Delphi TDataset Descendant
Bug / Anomaly
64-bit programs built with Delphi XE2 may handle Money fields incorrectly
Problem Description:
64-bit programs compiled with Delphi XE2 (or RAD Studio XE2) may have problems with Money fields in ADT tables. The following behaviors have been observed:
1) Money fields containing "large" values may be displayed incorrectly.
2) Large values for money fields may be posted to the ADT table incorrectly.
3) Posting some valid Currency values may produce Exceptions.

These behaviors only appear when using the 64-bit compiler.
These behaviors are a result of a series of defects identified by Embarcadero. (See Embarcadero QC numbers 103589 and 103857.)

These issues are resolved in Delphi XE3. Customers affected by these defects should upgrade as soon as possible, or rebuild affected projects as 32-bit projects.
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