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Thursday, January 31, 2013
Advantage Database Server ( General )
Error Codes
6401 Error In Windows Environment
Problem Description:
An ADS application within a Windows XP environment is receiving 6401 "Invalid Socket Handle" errors.
This issue was resolved by removing all intrusive anti-virus software from the server, resetting both the IP stack and Winsock catalog, and restarting the computer. Some anti-virus software packages will sometimes inject (replace) standard Windows DLLs with custom built libraries to more closely monitor internet traffic and socket level connections. In this case, there was a delay in establishing a Winsock connection for the database server process, and the anti-virus software took that as a possible threat, so it closed the socket prematurely.

For directions on how to reset the IP stack:

For directions on how to reset the Winsock catalog on Windows XP:
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