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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Advantage Database Server ( General )
Bug / Anomaly
AIS Connection Still Allowed After Internet Access Disabled
Problem Description:
After ADS_DD_ENABLE_INTERNET property is set to False using AdsDDSetDatabaseProperty clients are still able to connect to the database or data dictionary using "Internet" connection type (also 4).

The ADS_DD_ENABLE_INTERNET property can be set in Advantage Data Architect (ARC) by going to the properties of a data dictionary > Security Tab > and checking or un-checking "Enabled" under "Internet Access."

An example situation is you may want to disable outside traffic using AIS while doing internal maintenance to the database using Remote connection type.
Confirm the connection string is using the "Internet Port" vs. the "LAN Port." The "Internet Port" can be configured by going into Advantage Configuration Utility > Configuration Utility Tab > Communications Tab. The Internet Port has a Default value of 0 which means that Internet access to the Advantage Database Server is disabled. To enable AIS a non-zero value must be specified for the port, and once specified, by default, ADS will bind to all available IP addresses on the server and it will bind to the specified port for each available IP address.

Using a connection type of "Internet" or 4 and specifying the port to be the "LAN Port" will allow access to the database even if the Internet Access has been disabled (which may not be expected behavior). To protect the Advantage Database Server from unauthorized access, the "remote" (a.k.a. "LAN PORT" or ADS_REMOTE_SERVER) IP Port should be blocked from access through Internet by a Firewall. While the "Internet Port" port can be opened through the Firewall knowing that the Advantage Database server will authenticate the connection.

Once configured properly, disabling Internet Access when specifying the "Internet Port" will result in an error: "Error 7082: The Advantage Data Dictionary or this user in the Advantage Data Dictionary has been disabled for Internet access. axServerConnect."
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