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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Advantage Clients ( General )
Error Codes
Troubleshoot with the Advantage Data Architect (ARC) using an ADS.INI in the ARC folder, to resolve a 6420 error.
Problem Description:
6420 - Unable to "discover" the Advantage Database Server
This is the detailed walk-through for step 4 of the Advantage 6420 Solution Knowledge Base item located at reference number 061009-1806.
The detailed walk-through for step 5 of the Advantage 6420 Solution Knowledge Base item is located at reference number 061011-1809.

Troubleshoot with the Advantage Data Architect (ARC) using an ADS.INI in the ARC folder.

The Advantage Data Architect is available for download at the Advantage Product Download page. Select the desired version and then follow the corresponding Advantage Data Architect link.

Install ARC on the same computer that the client application is installed on. It will by default install to C:\Program Files\Extended Systems\Advantage\ARC for Advantage 7.x and C:\Program Files\Extended Systems\Advantage 8.0\ARC for Advantage 8.x.

Important note: Make sure the ADS.INI file with the verifiably correct information is in the ARC folder. Detailed information on setting up an ADS.INI file is located at the Knowledge Base item located at reference number <a


Here are some ways to troubleshoot.

a. Open to open a table through the File pulldown menu - Open table - choose Path radio button - browse to Path - browse to File - ensure that only the Server Type - Remote checkbox is checked.

b. Open a Data Dictionary through the Database pulldown menu - Open Database - choose options and browse to database. Again, make sure that only the Remote server checkbox is checked (uncheck the Local and AIS checkboxes).

c. Connect through a connection string through the Tools pulldown menu - Advantage Management Utility. The Advantage Management Utility is called Advantage Database Server Management in ARC 7.x and Remote Server Info in ARC 8.x. Enter one of the following in the Server Drive text field.



yourServerName must be used in the connection string given to ARC in order for the information in the ADS.INI to be used.

Using the pingable_IP_Address:configured_port will bypass using the ADS.INI and will attempt to connect directly.

You may also try to connect using \\ pingable_IP_Address:configured_port \C$. This will use C$ (which references the root of the C drive as the shared folder and is by default properly shared on many operating systems).

d. If you are able to connect using the \\pingable_IP_Address:configured_port\sharedDataFolder connection string, the ADS.INI may need to be changed to be as shown below. This is because the connection string in the application appears to be using the pingable_IP_address instead of yourServerName.


e. Once ARC has successfully connected, connect with the client application in the same way.
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