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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Advantage Clients ( General )
Error Codes
Validate that UDP communication is occurring on the port configured for Advantage, to resolve a 6420 error.
Problem Description:
6420 - Unable to "discover" the Advantage Database Server
This is the detailed walk-through for step 5 of the Advantage 6420 Solution Knowledge Base item located at reference number 061009-1806.
The detailed walk-through for step 6 of the Advantage 6420 Solution Knowledge Base item is located at reference number 061011-1811.

Validate that UDP communication is occurring on the port configured for Advantage.

Even if the Advantage Database Server is configured to use TCP/IP for communication, UDP/IP is used for discovery. TCP/IP does not support discovery, so if UDP/IP packets cannot reach the Advantage Database Server, an IP address and port must be specified for TCP/IP connections .

To ensure that UDP communication is occurring from the client to the server on the configured port for Advantage, use our UDP Test Utility at - Tools - UDP Test Utility. It is a simple Windows executable and comes with a README.TXT that explains its use. It needs to be installed on both the client and server computers. UDP communication needs to happen from the client to the server with the client hosting and sending the test string and the server listening and receiving the test string.

If UDP communication is blocked on the configured port, whatever is blocking it must be changed in order to allow UDP communication on that port. The 6420 error will not be able to be resolved without UDP communication occurring on the configured port.

Check all potential sources of blocked UDP communication on the port configured for Advantage. This includes all the hardware and software that are connecting the client and the server.

One of many things that can block UDP communication on a port is a firewall; this includes Windows Firewall which is installed by default with Windows XP SP 2. If this is the case, the firewall router logs will indicate the Advantage packets that are being filtered. Configure the firewall to allow UDP packets through the configured port for Advantage. To configure Windows Firewall, click Start - Control Panel - Windows Firewall - Exceptions tab. In the Programs and Services list, ads.exe should be listed. Ensure that the checkbox next to it is checked; this will stop Windows Firewall from blocking Advantage. Additionally, the application that is using Advantage may also have to be added to the exceptions list. Other options will be to click the Add Program or Add Port buttons in order to ensure that ads.exe, the application, or the configured_port for Advantage is not being blocked by Windows Firewall. You may want to check with whoever either set up your network or is in charge of your network for their preferences in regards to this.
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