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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Advantage Database Server ( General )
Debugging An Advantage Extended Procedure or Trigger Does Not Stop At Breakpoints
Problem Description:
When debugging an Advantage Extended Procedure (AEP) dll with the Advantage Database Server (Remote Server) the AEP is not stopping at defined breakpoints.
With DLL caching enabled, before Advantage loads an AEP or trigger container, it makes a temporary copy of the container and loads the copy rather than the original. This leaves the original container free to be replaced with a different version.

For debugging purposes you will need to disable DLL Caching.

To disable DLL caching use the canned stored procedure sp_ModifyDatabase or AdsDDSetDatabaseProperty ACE API and the DISABLE_DLL_CACHING or ADS_DD_DISABLE_DLL_CACHING properties respectively. Set the property to TRUE to disable DLL caching. By default, DLL caching is enabled.

For example if using the canned stored procedure the syntax would be the following to disable DLL caching.
execute procedure sp_ModifyDatabase ('DISABLE_DLL_CACHING', 'TRUE');
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