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Friday, May 30, 2008
Advantage Database Server ( General )
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How Much Memory Does the Advantage Database Server Generally Use?
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What is the memory footprint of Advantage Database Server?
Memory usage of Advantage is version dependant..

For example, as of version 9.0, The Advantage Database Server initially requires approximately 4.1 Megabytes of RAM to load with the following default "Configured" settings for a 10-user server:

Connections: 10
Work Areas: 250
Tables: 100
Index Files: 150
Data Locks: 400
Worker Threads: 8

To determine the amount of initial memory used, based on configuration parameters, use the Advantage Management Utility in Advantage Data Architect (in the "Configuration Parameters" tab, and then the "Affecting Memory" tab). This will also give you the ability to see the amount of memory used per unit of configuration. For instance, 10 connections would used 59600 bytes of RAM, meaning that each connection uses 5960 bytes of RAM.

Initial memory resources (formerly known as static memory -- prior to version 9.0) required to support the specified configuration is reserved when ADS is loaded. Additional memory may be dynamically allocated when an application uses ADS to perform SQL queries, execute transaction processing, etc. Bear in mind that with the release of ADS version 9.0, the configured values as shown above are no longer "Max" values, but rather, "Initial Allocation Values" as the server will dynamically allocate more space and memory if the system resources are available for use.

As a general guideline, anticipate the use of 100% more memory if SQL queries are actively used, and an additional 100% if transaction processing is used. This will vary depending on the amount of SQL query and transaction processing activity.
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