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Thursday, January 14, 2010
Advantage Database Server ( General )
Error Codes
7213 Error Logged in the Advantage Error Log
Problem Description:
The 7213 Error has been logged in the Advantage Error Log. What does this error indicate?
7213 Server Detected Possible Client Communication Failure.

The Advantage server detected that a client may have had a non fatal, temporary communication failure and failed to send the server a request. The Advantage Server will log the error 7213 and processing the new request without problems. The error 7213 is informational only and does not require a retry of the operation.

Typically, this will have been preceded by a 6000 class error (6410 for example) at the client. However, if the client application did not check for errors in all situations, it is quite possible that it would not have been noticed.
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