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Friday, January 30, 2009
Advantage Clients ( General )
How to Specify Where the Client Searches for the ADS.INI File
Problem Description:
Applications that read and write the ads.ini file could not use an ads.ini file in a specific directory if another ads.ini file already existed in the c:\windows directory.

It also may be desirable to explicitly specify where the client searches for the ads.ini file. In Windows Vista if the ads.ini file is in the application directory it will work but due to access restrictions the application may not be able to write to the file.
In versions, and later support was added to read an environment variable called adsini_path, and use that path to locate the ads.ini file. This variable can be set in the user's environment (or system environment), or set programmatically by the application. This variable is also useful in Windows Vista installations, to allow the ads.ini file to live in a shared public folder.
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