IT Support has asked me to review the ADS installation on a new Windows 2012 terminal server.

They are hoping to open the server up soon to end user access.

Most of the software is working okay.

We are stuck on the usage of the ADS OLE DB Provider.

The ADS OLE DB Provider is used so I can get access to SQL statements from within the custom script language which is restricted to rowset logic.

The ADS OLE DB Provider is working fine on existing Windows 2008 servers.

The ADS Server is currently on ADS (64-bit).

The Windows 2008 Servers have a combination of ADS OLE DB Provider 9.1 and 11.1.

The clients are generally 32-bit only although Windows might be 64-bit.

The ADS Server was upgraded to Windows 2012 a while ago. It has been working fine as a server. There is not much running on the server client-wise. I just checked, the ADS OLE DB Provider was installed on this server (for consistency with the other servers). I tried running the test script. I get an error message "Catastrophic Failure" on the Open() statement.

The script looks like this : sConStr := "Provider=Advantage.OLEDB.1;Data Source=C:\Ads\Database\Dictionary.add;TableType=ADS_CDX;" oConnect := CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") oConnect:Open(sConStr)

(The syntax here is a custom scripting language hosted by the CRM application but you should get the idea)

The string Advantage.OLEDB.1 is a result of troubleshooting. I normally use the standard string which is "Advantage OLE DB Provider" which doesn't work either in this case.

I tried searching for what could be the problem, specifically could there be a piece of software missing. I found a reference to MDAC / DAC. I looked in the registry, it indicates that this software component is properly installed.

Could it be something like the Visual C++ Redistributable? I can't see this documented in the help file so far as to which version might be needed.

To summarise : 1) Windows 2012 Server / ADS Server 64-bit 2) Windows 2012 Server (Remote Desktop / Terminal Services) Client 3) ADS OLE DB Provider 32-bit 4) ADODB.Connection.Open(sConnectionString) -> "Catastrophic Failure" 5) How to get more information about the error and/or fix the error? also -- This scenario is working fine if the client is Windows 2008 R2 Server Terminal Services.

Thanks for your time,

Kim Anthony Groves (digicate) Experience : ADS 7 - 11 (2005 - 2016)

asked 02 Aug '16, 03:23

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Kim Anthony ...
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I persisted with this issue. I tried different connection strings with the same result. Even if I set the connection path to something invalid, same message of "Catastrophic Failure". I uninstalled the driver. The message changed to something appropriate such as Database Provider not found. I wondered if it mattered which version of OLE DB is used compared to the server version. I tried other point releases of 11.1 with same result. Then I went back to 10.1 with same result. Then I went back to 9.1, now I could connect to the database! I had to apply a fix for 9.1 with multi-users but it works

(02 Aug '16, 06:00) Kim Anthony ...

Is there any explanation as to why Advantage OLE DB Provider 10.1 and 11.1 (32-bit) are not working on Windows Server 2012 64-bit (when accessed from 32-bit host application? Is there anything that I could do to make them work? (11.1 preferably). The sql statements that I am using are relatively simple, so I don't absolutely need the sql syntax updates. I'm not sure if I am missing out on anything else between 9.1 and 11.1, maybe some performance improvements or bug fixes. There may be some plans to move to ADS 12. I will make a note to check the OLE DB Driver in the version 12 environment.

(02 Aug '16, 06:03) Kim Anthony ...

Something else I picked up while troubleshooting. The Windows 2012 server had Excel 2016 installed. I was able to open Excel and create a Data connection to the database. Excel was installed as 64-bit so I could only use the Advantage OLE DB 64-bit client driver. The 11.1 version worked successfully. (Probably It would be interesting to try with a 32-bit version of Excel on 64-bit Windows 2012. I might be able to do this in a Virtual Machine.

(02 Aug '16, 06:07) Kim Anthony ...
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