My customer have three computers one have a 10user ADS using DD. Two local computers have no problem connecting to the database and four outside are replicating to each of there own database on the same computer.

The five databases have replication to a database on the same computer some times it works and other times I get 'Bad IP address' on the replication only. The folder is shared and the client computer have no problem connecting to the database. To make it work I will have to stop the service, which never stops completely most of the time I have to go to the task manager and hit "end process".

Today it got very crazy I start getting invalid login and other errors. I had to restart the ADS four time and I now have replication ques that will not replicate, but none of them had any errors. I uninstall ADS and rebooted and reinstalled ADS 32 bit and still have the same problem. The ports are open in the firewall the client would not be able to connect if that was the problem. I had one in the past and I change all connections on the server to \server:6262\myfolder\data instead of C:\myfolder\data and that worked on that replication, but it will not work here. After restarting the service some of the databases replication ques is empty but not all of them and anything new stays in the ques. Anyone have this problem and a solution? Thanks, Kim

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After changing all replications to use TCP/IP everything works for now.


answered 21 Jul '16, 14:53

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