I have been waiting for the new Delphi XE10 components for quite a while. Now they have been released, I have installed them and they work fine for the LOCAL server. However, they do not support ADS 10.1 so I need to update some servers to version 12.

I have tried to get in touch with ADS by email (SAP-SYB-ads_team@sap.com) and on this forum, to obtain the latest price list and help to upgrade. However no reponse; even after 14 days. Only a confirmation (after 12 days!) that the message was read....

What does it take to get a response? Is SAP not interested in selling this product? This also raises future support concerns and thoughts to stop investing in this product asap.

Anyone to comment?

Thanks, Mark

asked 29 Jan '16, 17:30

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Softdrill NL
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Please contact us in the future via http://scn.sap.com/community/ads so we can try to help you timely. If you are looking for the ADS Sales contact, all this information are located in the official SAP ADS SCN page.


answered 31 Jan '16, 18:15

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I have 10.10 working with XE10, see other forum posts for information


answered 01 Feb '16, 23:44

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Davi in Wisc...
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I see they added XE10 support to ADS 11, but I also installed version 12 and it does not have XE10 support.


answered 10 Feb '16, 21:19

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Davi in Wisc...
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You need to download the components from the SAP portal. See http://scn.sap.com/community/ads/blog/2016/01/14/ads-12-sp1-and-ads-111-sp30-released

It's a single download containing ARC, database components etc. However a login is required.

(10 Feb '16, 23:04) Softdrill NL

I went to that URL you mentioned, and I am logged in, and I don't see a download link. I looked under 'Downloads' and 'Developer' also.

(11 Feb '16, 00:46) Davi in Wisc...
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