I am having issues with TPS files (transaction processing system). ADS 8.1.

On many of our servers (production / testing / development) these files are accumulating on the root of C:.

It looks like ADS is trying to recover these transactions each time we start the ADS service, however they never succeed. The modification time on the file is bumped but the file remains. Next time we start ADS it will try to process these files again.

Given that it looks like these files will never resolve, should I just delete them? Based on my understanding of the TPS we could lose some data in the process. I don't really see an alternative as it is making ADS very slow to start (40 mins on the server I am currently dealing with) and it appears to be data that I will never be able to recover anyway.

ADS_ERR.ADT is spitting out 7015 "Corrupt NTX" files during the processing, which is interesting it itself as we use CDX files, leading me to expect 7017 "Corrupt IDX, CDX, or ADI index".

I tried deleting the CDX file that was being referenced and now I'm getting 7041 "File not found".

If I attempt to delete the TPS files, will ADS complain?

asked 25 Oct '15, 13:47

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ADS should not complain on missing TPS files, but I would move the files into a subfolder instead of deleting them. To prevent flooding the root, you can configure ADS to save the files into a subfolder.


answered 25 Oct '15, 14:33

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Joachim Duerr
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