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The query is simple: Select Top 50 * From Prim_Ins Where U_ID = <8-Characters> Order By U_ID,Rank

The results are usually no more than 10 records. We added the "Top 50" because we suspected an index issue and wanted to make sure the "world" wasn't returned in the result. The table has been reindexed, but the errors continue.

Table specs: Prim_Ins.dbf (FoxPro free table) Size: 3,312,550 KB Records: 3,728,304 No Memo Fields Single Compound Index (CDX) with a Tag On U_ID+STR(RANK,2) CDX Size: 27,810 KB

OS: Windows Server 2008 64bit, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB HD with 49 GB Free.

Data is located on Drive C of the server in a shared folder: C:\IVData

There are currently 398 files (95 dbf, 42 cdx, 13 fpt, and the rest tmp) in this folder.

I have seen others post similar errors, but no one seems to have a solution. And requests to support fall on deaf ears.

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asked 30 Aug '15, 19:49

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Do you always get this error when running the query or only sometimes? Did you check the execution plan of the query? I'd define the index as "U_ID;Rank" (semicolon instead of plus, no call to "STR"). Did you check the ADS_ERR.ADT table (usually found in C:)?

(30 Aug '15, 20:31) Jens Mühlenhoff

Also did you make sure that the client is connected via REMOTE, not LOCAL?

(30 Aug '15, 20:32) Jens Mühlenhoff

We connect remotely and use compatible locking.

The index was created over 10 years ago. It's a standard FoxPro CDX tag.

The query is using ADO.

So far today we have logged 14 of these errors. It doesn't happen every time, it is intermittent.

(30 Aug '15, 21:40) SteveZ

BTW, compound CDX's need to use the "+" not the ";". The ";" automatically converted by ADS to "+" when creating indexes.

The ADS_ERR table has nothing useful in it.

(30 Aug '15, 22:10) SteveZ

Sorry, I didn't read the DBF/CDX part and was assuming you were using ADT/ADI files.

(31 Aug '15, 15:59) Jens Mühlenhoff

I'm not affiliated with SAP/Sybase, but I do have enough karma to edit any post (including your question). Should I post an image for you? You can temporarily upload it to an external image hoster.

(31 Aug '15, 16:04) Jens Mühlenhoff

Scratch that, I gave your question an upvote, you should be able to upload an image yourself now.

(31 Aug '15, 16:05) Jens Mühlenhoff
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This is the error in the ADS_ERROR table. "Make sure that no other process is using the files required for the query and there are enough hard drive storage available for sorting."

This now looks like a server issue when the server is attempting to reuse a temporary filename, or trying to create a temp file that already exists. So the real error is "Can't create file".

Perhaps the temp file creation method needs a little help.


answered 30 Aug '15, 23:04

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Could also be a locking problem, but I'm afraid I'm out of ideas here now. Have you send the ADS_ERROR table to the support?

(31 Aug '15, 16:02) Jens Mühlenhoff

What support? They are hiding behind the internet vail. We just installed this server in July ($7,000+), but apparently we also need a "contract $$", even to report a bug.

(31 Aug '15, 17:57) SteveZ
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