A client have stores that replicate to a copy of there database on a server located in the main office. The then re-replicate time clocks to central database on the same computer so all the stores time clock is together. It have been working for months when the server froze one day. I can go into the stores database on the office computer and touch each record having the subscription on pause I see them all in the queue and the queue get empty with no errors when I click resume, but none of the records show up in the central database. I delete the subscription file but no luck. ADS 11 latest version.

asked 23 Jul '15, 13:57

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With no errors and the queue clearing up (and you know it filled up with the subscription paused) I suspect the records are making it somewhere successfully.

Somethings to check:

  • Check the subscription Path Server name. Is it using an old server name or incorrect address to an old host?
  • Check the subscription folder path. Is it as you expect? If a share, check the share is pointing to current data and not an old backup.
  • Did you open the destination table in ARC? Are there any default indexes? Maybe set it to no index. Did the values show up?
  • Try rebuilding the index?

answered 24 Jul '15, 09:32

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Edgar Sherman
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Nothing have change it have been working for months. What I did to make it work again.Opened ARC32 and then I created a SQL script from the Publication and the Subscription, then I delete the Subscription and the Publication. Close the connection and reopen it. Then I run the two SQL and entered the password back in the Subscription closed the connection. Now it's working.

(24 Jul '15, 14:19) KimHJ
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