I'm writing in VFP9 accessing Advantage Databases that have data dictionaries. These two different databases are from different manufacturers who both use ADS. One works just fine, while the other gets Warning: The connection transaction mode cannot be set (Error 1487). I'm using the SQLSetProp(theodbchandle, 'Transactions', 2) where the 2 parameter sets the mode to manual. FoxPro uses the ODBC api to set the property. This setprop works great on MSSQL and on all but one ADS database. Anyone have any ideas?

I was using REMOTE|LOCAL and the db that worked was remote. Now that I try them both on my local machine, they both fail. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. A good discussion on REMOTE/LOCAL is at http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/forum/questions/4162/i-dont-get-how-advantage-database-works-a-few-doubts

asked 17 Jul '15, 16:02

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Did you connect using REMOTE or LOCAL Server? Local Server doesn't support transactions.


answered 18 Jul '15, 01:49

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