I understand 8.1 is an ancient ADS version and hopefully my client updates one day soon. But the scenario is.. when we are running an annual report locally on the server, it takes about 60 seconds. And when running the same report over the network, it takes about 4 mins (Gigabit network).

So I understand this database won't utilize the speed of our server and is probably just capped at running this speed for whatever reason, but is there anything I can do to have it run faster over the network, closer to the 60 seconds it takes to run it locally.

Note: -When watching the Resource Monitor in Windows 7 (PC client), while running this report, the Network transfers at about 47Mbps when connected via Gigabit, and 21Mbps when connected via 100MB. -I set the Windows power plan to High Performance since I found a thread about that FYI.

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Without any knowledge about how and using which technology your report is generated this question is hard to answer.

Some pointers:

Normally you should do as much work using SQL on the server side and only transfer the results to the client, so only the result has to be send over the network.

That said, you could of course generate your report on the server as a file (say PDF or whatever format suites your needs best) and make the file available to the user via a file share or HTTP, etc.


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Yea thanks. All I really know is that while running one of the long reports, the CPU and Disk are taxed less than 1% on the client side and server, and the network maxes out at about 5% (47Mbps). So since the same report at least runs 5x faster locally on the server when it doesn't have utilize the network card/speed, I assumed this database software has some sort of resource ceiling where it cannot really utilize today's hardware/resources.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but just in case it helps, I've attached a couple screenshots of my ADS configuration tabs. And thanks for your earlier response!

alt text alt text


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I would try a couple of things with ADS 8.1

1) Turn on aggressive caching when doing the reports. In C++ code,

2) Turn on compression. On the server using the ADS configuration program, it is under the "Configuration utility, Communications tab. Set Compression to "Always".

3) Ensure your ads.ini file has the IP address and port number of the ADS server stamped into it, and that it exists in the same directory as your application doing the reports. Also, make it use TCPIP instead of the default UDP. For example,



For me, this ramps up performance.


answered 09 Apr '15, 05:32

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