I'm trying to execute a stored procedure before a query, which works correctly in "Data Architect" but not in an ODBC connection, where the procedure executes but the "Select" returns zero results. The select and the procedure both individually work via ODBC, but not sequentially.

In MS SQL Server I would fix this issue with "SET NOCOUNT ON" at the start of the script, but I can't find an equivalent in Advantage Database.

asked 06 Jan '15, 05:30

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ADS only ever returns the data of the last statement in a query batch, so there is no need for such a setting.

(06 Jan '15, 06:38) Jens Mühlenhoff

The strange thing is that the ODBC connection will happily execute the select or procedure individually, but not both in sequence; while the Data Architect works either way. Do you know why that would happen?

(06 Jan '15, 07:03) Virtuoso

Can you reproduce this with some simple example code? http://sscce.org/

(07 Jan '15, 02:35) Jens Mühlenhoff


Executing the above via an ODBC / ADODB connection returns nothing, but it returns "1" from Data Architect. The data connections both work ok with a single statement.

(07 Jan '15, 05:41) Virtuoso

I can reproduce this.

(09 Jan '15, 04:20) Jens Mühlenhoff

Also my initial comment is obviously wrong here, the ODBC driver seems to not return any data at all when a statement batch (more than one statement) is executed.

(09 Jan '15, 05:13) Jens Mühlenhoff

The reason this works from Data Architect is that it uses the ADS Delphi components and not ODBC.

(09 Jan '15, 05:14) Jens Mühlenhoff
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