Bit of background first.

We have a delphi application that was built many years ago using BDE. We've since converted it to ADS. 95% of the time, the application is installed and run locally a single computer. The location of the data, and the type of connection to use are stored in an INI file we create (not the ADS.ini file). The ConnectionPath and AdsServerTypes of the AdsConnection component are set from our INI file (which basically means the ADS.ini file has no effect).

Now to the issue. A client of ours has this application installed on a Terminal Server, along with the Advantage Database Server. When a user runs the application using a computer on the network (shortcut to the application on the TS), everything is fine using either stADS_LOCAL or st_ADS_REMOTE. However, as soon as a user attempts to open the application from the VPN (even when this computer is connected to the network), the application will only open using stADS_LOCAL. Any attempt to connect using stADS_REMOTE will generate the 6420 error.

I suspect that the 6262 port is being blocked somewhere in the VPN settings (firewall, gateway, router, etc), but the clients IT team insist that this is not the case.

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6420 is a discovery error which you can prevent when bypassing discovery. To do so, add an ads.ini to your application directory (so this will be used instead of another anywhere in the path!) and specify your server:

instead of "myserver" use the server name that you use for connecting/mapping (e.g. anyserver or anyserver.anydomain.tld) ... oh, and use the real IP and port ADS is listening;)


answered 10 Dec '14, 23:48

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