Many of our customers and ourselves too wish to know, if the ADS supports the vMotion technology of VMware vSphere.

As stated here, vMotion is capable of keeping transactions and network connectivity in integrity.

In our opinion it is impossible to shutdown the ADS and restart it after the vMotion process. What are your experiences and suggestions. Will the ADS be vSphere certified in future versions?

Thanks in advance, Paul

asked 29 Oct '14, 07:40

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I don't believe there has been any official testing with vMotion. I do know that in general VMWare is supported and much of engineering's testing was images running on VMWare.

Typically the approach has been that any virtualization is "supported" as long as the guest OS is supported however support may request a recreation on actual hardware. If it is not able to be reproduced on actual hardware the issue may need to be taken to the virtualization vendor for resolution.

If you would like to see support for vMotion I would recommend posting a suggestion on


answered 30 Oct '14, 07:43

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Edgar Sherman
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But how would I be able to reproduce this with actual hardware? It is not possible to migrate one machine to another with actual hardware, this is the main advantage of virtualization. The question is, if ADS can run ahead if migrated to another host.

(30 Oct '14, 08:06) Dontenwill_Paul

The reproducing comment was not specifically related to vMotion, just giving the overall approach to virtualization. I am not aware of any official testing with vMotion so I am unable to comment if this will work or not.

(30 Oct '14, 08:13) Edgar Sherman
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