Well, that's is the question. I want to create an install for my system and want to include ARC32 so when installed on the client , also installs arc without ask the client any parameters.

Can be done ??


asked 02 Oct '14, 12:45

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There is not a silent install for ARC or any of the clients. Only for the server.

However you can just copy the ARC directory (probably don't need the source folder) and have your install copy the files to the destination system. What you don't get with this is the icons created in the start menu. But I would not recommend calling out to customers that ARC is available since it should be used more for administrative purposes.



answered 02 Oct '14, 13:55

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Edgar Sherman
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If you don't install them: how are the file extensions (.adt etc.) linked to the application so that a double click runs ARC?

(02 Oct '14, 13:58) Stephan Leiw...

Thanks Edgard, that's a good idea and despite I agree with Stephan with his comment , in my case I wont' need this feature and it's better for the security as the client can not double click on the tables and open it. Just my opinion.

(02 Oct '14, 14:06) lbidi

Stephan, This option won't associate the extensions. That would be manual.

(02 Oct '14, 15:06) Edgar Sherman
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