I hope this is not off-topic for a "devzone" forum.

Imagine a central workstation that fetches data and saves it to an Advantage Local Server. The setup shall now be extended with five remote clients: They shall be able to run SELECT queries against this server (readonly). Now I need the full Advantage Server.

The distributor I found offers an "ADS 5 User" pack as well as an "ADS 10 User". So I have five clients and the central workstation. That sounds like "six users" because you cannot mix a "Local Server connection" with "Remote server connection" (See Error 7077)

Hence my question:

  • Is the fact that the Advantage Server and the "data fetching application" are running on the same machine doing me any good? Is a "five users" license enough for five remote clients?
  • Can I purchase a "five user" license and a "one user" license so that they stack up to "six remote users"?
  • Is this a wrong approach? Are there better ways? I'd hate paying for one (or even five) users for just one connection that is, strictly speaking, not remote at all.

Many thanks in advance

asked 16 Sep '14, 03:42

Overclock%20Your%20Breakfast's gravatar image

Overclock Yo...
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You can license a "5 User Server" and a "1 User Expansion pack" to obtain 6 users.


answered 16 Sep '14, 03:57

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Joachim Duerr
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That's good to know. Do you happen to know whether an application running on the same machine requires a full blown remote user license?

(16 Sep '14, 09:33) Overclock Yo...

Yes, it does need a license.

(16 Sep '14, 11:16) Joachim Duerr
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