Hi everyone;

I'm trying to figure out why a couple of my installations complain of slow response times.

  1. On one of the two the ADS service is running on a virtual machine. It is ver 10 and it serves aprox 50 users whose "ave cost" as reported by sp_mgGetWorkerThreadActivity() is mostly zero with only a handful at about 100 and the EQ is zero. The number of worker threads, although configured to 32, has never been over 10 and only very rarely will it be above 2. The VM software being used is XEN from Citrix. I think they have 3 or 4 virtual servers managed on the same hardware. I wonder if perhaps we can't trust that XEN isn't busy serving itself or other VMs while putting the ADS vm to sleep. Can anyone comment or argue this possibility? Is there a best practice when dealing with VMs hosted under citrix as a server for ADS?

  2. On the 2nd installation, the ADS service is running alongside MySqld as well other services where ADS is about the 5th process in memory consumption the cpu consumption seems very low. ADS is Ver 11 and it is only serving 15 users. The EQ is zero and the average cost is mostly 0 with some at 100 or so. Although configured to 32, worker threads is never above 11.

Finally -I see myself probably recommending moving ADS to its own server with an SSD at both of these places. Should I not feel confident to recommend an SSD?


asked 11 Sep '14, 14:36

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I think this will be difficult to answer without more details. What is slow? Connection, open table, query, setting filter, etc? is it 1 sec to 1 min or longer slowness? Does the slowness happen at the same time? What does the CPU/Mem/Network look like at the time of slowness? At the time of the slowness what else is happening? For example, if the slowness is querying table A are there other querying the same table at the same time?

May want to look at Mark's post on Win2008 & the power plan settings. http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/forum/questions/1566

(12 Sep '14, 08:41) Edgar Sherman
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