Hi everyone;

In an effort to keep better profile of what's happening and to better manage resources, I've been monitoring the "average cost" of each connection, the Express Queue threshold, EQ activity, EQ operations, and the operations being performed by each thread. I refresh the data every 3 seconds. I need some help making sense of all this data. Can someone please help?

Below is a screen shot: alt text

Notice user DVG has an average weight of 15120 while user RCB has a 46. EQ threshold is 0. How can I best interpret this information?

Finally, I notice there is never more than 2 threads doing something at the same time and only for less than 3 seconds. Does that mean that the server has very little load?

Thank you.


asked 11 Sep '14, 06:25

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Another thing; what does it mean when EQ Operations is 0 even after 20 days of uptime and at least 35 connections working concurrently?

(11 Sep '14, 06:35) Reinaldo

Hi Reinaldo,

The cost is recalculated regularly and gives an indication of the types of queries the user is performing. A higher cost means they typically run queries that take more time than a lower cost entry.

The EQ Operations equal to 0 means that the express queue has never come in to play yet. Give your explanation that there are never more than 2 threads doing something at a time we are never maxing out the workerthreads. I believe the express queue only comes in to play when you near the max configured number of worker threads.

Basically the express queue is designed such that if you are near maxing out your worker threads we don't get into a situation where every thread is working on a long-running query preventing more online transaction type processing (i.e. updating a record, etc. It was take a number of your worker threads and dedicate them to short queries and leave the others for the long-running queries.


answered 11 Sep '14, 13:42

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Edgar Sherman
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Hey Edgar- Thank you. It all makes sense. I'm trying to figure out why a couple of my installations occasionally complain of unacceptably slow response times. I added this dialog to my admin app in order to monitor the server load but it seems there is hardly enough load to justify the server being slow, furthermore the EQ on both places is zero. I have some ideas but I'll start a new thread (question) here to further ask for hints on what could be affecting server performance at these particular sites. Again, thank you very much.

(11 Sep '14, 14:07) Reinaldo
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