I am working with DevExpress components, specifically their report writer wizard.

They have an option for using SAP Sybase Advantage. When I choose the DD and user/password to connect, I get a 'Optima.add is in use' error.

I have found out the connection string that they are building which is as follows :-

"XpoProvider=Advantage;Data source=fileName.add;servertype=local;user id=;Password=;TrimTrailingSpaces=true"

They are using local server. Obviously when creating reports, I want the DD to be opened shared because it may already be in use by someone else.

My question is, does local server open a DD exclusively or is there something else I can tell them to add to the connection string to make it work.

If I select the custom connection option in their wizard I can use my normal remote server connection string.

Or should I ask them to put a drop down in to select server type?



asked 25 Jul '14, 02:29

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I agree with Jens that the processes lock the file (at least remote) but I don't think that necessarily using remote is a requirement.

When you say the following statement:

When I choose the DD and user/password to connect, I get a 'Optima.add is in use' error.

Are you browsing to a file? what happens if you type in the connection string manually? Some dialogs that browse for files actually try to open the file in the dialog which can fail if the file is in use. ARC and the ODBC setup screen had that issue. The dialog had to be changed to not open the file, just grab the file name.


answered 25 Jul '14, 07:45

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Edgar Sherman
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+1 Unnecessary file locking can be a big problem, indeed.

(25 Jul '14, 08:19) Jens Mühlenhoff

Yes, the local server (ALS) locks the data files (dictionaries, tables, memo files, indexes) it uses. (As does ADS, the remote server, but it acts as a multiplexer to allow many clients to access the same data at once over the network)

It's only meant as a single user replacement where the real network server is not available.

ALS and the ADS can't be used both at the same time on the same dictionary / tables.

The DevExpress component should have an option to use the remote server and that should probably be the default as well.


answered 25 Jul '14, 03:15

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Jens Mühlenhoff
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I will go back to them.

(25 Jul '14, 03:33) Mike
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