I am using version 11.10 with C++ Builder XE5 (and XE6). I have some code similar to this

Query1->SQL->Text = "Select * from abc";
Then I try to PKZIP the files while my .EXE is still running, and the files are in use and cannot be added to the ZIP file.

Is there another way to close the connection to the table so it is not locked?


asked 08 Jul '14, 20:38

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Joachim Duerr

Not sure with local server, but with remote you should also call AdsCloseCachedTables on connection level. IIRC local server still holds the file for a couple of seconds (until it's flushed to disk).


answered 09 Jul '14, 00:58

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Joachim Duerr
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This says the files should be available for use by other applications


So I think it may be a bug, the AdsCloseSQLStatement does not appear to work with Local Server. I waited several minutes and the file is still locked (Can't be pkzipped).

Even if create the query with 'new', then delete the query, the file is still locked.



answered 18 Oct '14, 18:47

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Davi in Wisc...
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