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I have written an SSIS package that queries an Advantage Database Source and stores the data in a SQL Server Database. When I run the package through Visual Studio or on the command line, it runs fine. When I schedule the package to run through a SQL Server Agent job, it hangs without ever erroring or succeeding. I have added logging to the package and can see that the package stalls when attempting the connection to ADS. I have tried purposefully entering an incorrect password into the SSIS config file but the same thing happens which indicates that it isn't getting as far as the authentication stage.

There was one existing SSIS package connecting to ADS which was running successfully. Then the latest driver for that version of ADS was installed on the Server hosting SSIS and this job has been hanging ever since. So I think the issue is to do with the installation of the new driver, but I cant work out what. Is anyone able to help?


asked 08 Jul '14, 06:57

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Not really sure of a solution, so just throwing out some comments. You can edit the original question with any new information if it helps.

A) Have you tried using process monitor from Sysinternals to review what is loaded etc and if there are any failures?

B) You might copy out the redistribute folder, uninstall , place the redistribute folder back and manually register the driver. (REGSVR32 adsoledb.dll) See the help file at http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/webhelp/Advantage11.1/oledb_distributing_the_advantage_ole_db_provider.htm

(08 Jul '14, 13:34) Edgar Sherman

Thanks Edgar, I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it again. I think I may have Selected the wrong Ansi Character Set the 1st time round. I used CURRENT SYSTEM which on the client was UK English but the Server is using US English, so this time around I specified US English on the client. After reinstalling the driver the SSIS packages are now running ok. Thanks for your help.

(09 Jul '14, 03:40) AdvantageNewbie
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