I am trying to call the sp_PackTable procedure. I am using the local server and .dbf tables.

Granted, this is the first time I've tried to use the sp_PackTable procedure so I may be doing something stupid. I used the help file to try to determine the proper syntax. I think I have it right. Nevertheless, as soon as ADSQuery2.ExecSQl is called I get the following error:

'...ADSQuery2: Error 7200: AQE Error: State = S0000; NativeError = 2121; [iAnywhere Solutions][Advantage SQL Engine] Column not found: c:\tippsqs\DB\Agency -- Location of error in the SQL statement is: 32'.

I have tried c:\tippsqs\db\agency and c:\tippsqs\db\agency.dbf. When I include the .dbf, the error states "Column not found: dbf"

Any help will be appreciated.

Here's my code:

procedure TfrmTippsqsSetup.cmdDoItClick(Sender : TObject); var AgencyTable : string; begin ( adsconnection1.ConnectPath = c:\tippsqs\db ) AgencyTable := adsconnection1.ConnectPath+'\agency';

adsquery2.SQL.Clear; adsquery2.SQL.Add('Execute procedure sp_PackTable('+AgencyTable+')'); adsquery2.ExecSQL; end;

asked 07 Jul '14, 12:56

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In general, the table management stored procedures (including sp_PackTable) accept, as the first parameter, the table name or relative table path (relative to the directory that you specified as the ConnectPath for your connection component).

So, if your ConnectPath is c:\tippsqs\db\, and the table you wish to pack resides at c:\tippsqs\db\agency.dbf, and the TableType property of your AdsQuery object is set properly, then your sp_packtable call would be:

EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_PackTable( 'agency' );

Aside from your specific question, one really good way to test these things is to use Advantage Data Architect. Define a connection in ARC using the same ConnectPath that you are assigning to your AdsConnection object, then you can construct your SQL Query in the query window. Once you have a working version of the query in ARC, you can use the identical syntax/path in your application.


answered 07 Jul '14, 13:26

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Jed Thomet
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OK. I'll try this. Basically you're saying I should not be passing the fully qualified filename, only the table name since my connect path already holds the fully qualified path. Is that correct?

(07 Jul '14, 13:40) rhcarpenter

That's correct. The only time you may need a path is if the tables are in a different directory than you're connecting to -- and then, you'll specify the relative path to the table. Hope this helps!

(07 Jul '14, 13:46) Jed Thomet

You may also be in trouble because of quotes in Delphi. Try this:

adsquery2.SQL.Add('Execute procedure sp_PackTable(''' + AgencyTable+''')');

answered 07 Jul '14, 14:06

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Stephan Leiw...
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using parameters might be a better approach

(08 Jul '14, 00:45) Joachim Duerr
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