im a seasoned sql server/.net developer, but havent ever touched advantage.

i need to connect to an add database remotely

ive managed to set up a oledb connection on a local machine on the wan, but cant figure out how to make it work over the internet

i tried the following connection string

Provider=Advantage.OLEDB.1;Password=pass;User ID=user;Data Source=\\\datafolder\database.add;Persist Security Info=True

but i get a discovery error. now im not sure on which port adv is listening, if at all. i scoured all ads.ini files on the server but couldn't find any mention of "INTERNET_"

so how do i confirm that adv is listening remotely and on which port?


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Whow....5 steps in one;)
First of all you need to make sure ADS remote is working in the local network (LAN). So, check for the IP Port in the configuration (configuration utility | communications | LAN Port) and connect to it using a path like

Data Source=\\IP:PORT\folder\database.add
The 'folder' has to be a share and the local SYSTEM group requires full access to it.
Then open your data dictionary with Data Architect and check for the internet access (dictionary properties | security | internet access | [x] Enabled) - or
EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_ModifyDatabase('Enable_Internet','True');
Then check if your user has inter access enabled (user properties | [x] Enable Internet Access), or
EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_ModifyUserProperty('myuser','Enable_Internet','True' );
Now you can check for a connection to the internet port:
Data Source=\\IP:INTERNET_PORT\folder\database.add
You can find the internet port on the same config tab as the IP Port. If it's 0, change the value to an unused port (e.g. 6363) and restart the server.

Does ADS have a public IP address and is the internet port being routed (TCP AND UDP) to the server? If so, you can test from outside your LAN using the public IP instead of the private one.


answered 02 Jul '14, 02:26

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Joachim Duerr
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thanks. sorry for the delay. i'm waiting to get admin creds to the remote server. as soon as i can proceed i will update. all the best.

(06 Jul '14, 02:16) yisman
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