When I install the ADS 9.1 OLE DB Driver on Windows 2003 or 2008 Terminal Server, the driver becomes available to use from the client application. However, if a different user logs into the Terminal Server, when the client application requests a database connection via the OLE DB Driver, then Windows triggers a "configuration" process for the driver which effectively locks the client application from the perspective. It is necessary to click onto the language selection dialog hidden behind the client application and confirm the language collation options for the driver. After that step, the database connection succeeds and the client application is able to proceed as normal. If however the user is not familiar with Windows and how to install the ADS OLE DB Driver, it is possible for them to try and click the Cancel button on the installer dialog which then really locks up their Terminal Services session. Then they need intervention from IT staff to reset their session. I should also note that if I log in and try to run the installer for the user, after I select the correct language option and click OK, I get an error message "cannot save to AdsLocal.cfg".

So, the question is : is there a proper way of installing this driver so that all users get immediate access without the language selection dialog?

I have tried installing with Remote Desktop Install mode which didn't seem to fix the issue (the dialog still appeared). Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling using Run As Administrator. This time the dialog did not appear but I am not sure it was not because I had previously confirmed the dialog. Testing is difficult for me because I only have a limited number of logins to the server that I can test personally. If I knew what Registry settings or files were involved I would be able to know whether I had installed the driver correctly without having to wait to see if any users are affected.

If I cannot resolve this issue then I will have to try and avoid using the ADS OLE DB Driver. The database is normally accessed using the ACE library or the ODBC driver. It is just for 1 or two advanced functions that I found the OLE DB Driver worked better.

Kind Regards

Kim Groves

asked 16 Jun '14, 03:00

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Kim Anthony ...
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Please check that you have the latest version of the 9.10.0.x OLE DB install. I believe that this install bug was fixed in a later version of the 9.x install.

If the issue was not fixed you can always manually register the OLE DB Provider. It is extremely easy if you already have the ODBC driver installed.

  • Copy the adsoledb.dll file into the same directory as the ODBC driver c:\program files\advantage 9.10\odbc\
  • Uninstall the Advantage OLE DB Provider install.
  • Run the following command from an administrative command prompt from the directory where you copied the file to. REGSVR32.EXE ADSOLEDB.DLL

answered 17 Jun '14, 11:14

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Lance Schmidt
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Hi Lance, The Programs and Features Control Panel shows that Advantage OLE DB Provider v9.1 is version 9.10.0035 which appears to be the latest 9.1 version available for download. I will try the fix outlined here when there are no users on the system. Thanks!

(17 Jun '14, 19:03) Kim Anthony ...
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