Could somebody please explain whether I need to have the Advantage Server installed if I only wish to use the local server? I'm a bit confused to say the least. I thought the local server is just a DLL file - is this incorrect? Also - can the local server work across a network (3 computers accessing the same file stored on an external drive, for instance).

I'm using Delphi XE4 Professional with FireDac add on.

Answers greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.


asked 06 Feb '14, 06:14

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You don't need to have ADS (Server component) installed for using Local Server. ALS can access files in the network, up to 5 concurrent users. ALS is a bit more than one DLL, you also need to deploy the other client engine files (including the unicode DLLs and the local server config). See help file for details.


answered 06 Feb '14, 06:22

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Joachim Duerr
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Hi Joachim. Thanks very much for the quick answer. Does this mean I can uninstall the Advantage Server and still work with the Local Server? Is the local server installed as part of the main pack, and if I uninstall the main server, will the local also be uninstalled?

Many thanks.


(06 Feb '14, 06:27) stantheman457

you can uninstall the server component. The client component has to be installed (or copied) separately. I'm not sure if it's already part of DXE/FireDAC shipped, but you can download the ACE API from the devzone at

(06 Feb '14, 06:31) Joachim Duerr

Brilliant. Many thanks for your help.

(06 Feb '14, 06:34) stantheman457
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