Hi, Customers that have ALS receive errors the table ID does not match the one in the dictionary, when the program make updates to the table structures, not necessary raising an error. This error is not happening with the Client-server. Is there any way to get the table ids? What is the location at the header in order to do a cycle to compare all the tables. Or the only way is to open all the tables and catch the error?

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Thank You

Oscar Hernandez

asked 04 Feb '14, 18:14

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Hi Oscar,
if it's the same table and dictionary, then this really makes me wonder. Usually this error is raised when a table was just copied from a different database. Easiest way might be to move it to a different folder, then remove it from the dictionary (once in the dictionary and once in the other folder using freeadt and then add it back. With remote server it should be enough to use freeadt on the other folder and then use 'restore' in the database including that table only.


answered 05 Feb '14, 00:19

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Joachim Duerr
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In this case the table was working fine in the app, it just after upgrade of the app that start sending errors to be opened, and the only way to solved is open all the tables in the dictionary delete from there add again to the dictionary and set again the attributes. Or What I did Yesterday was to move the data into my client-server environment and run the update there, no errors with the same procedure. Why are not behaving the same ADS and ALS?

(05 Feb '14, 04:36) oscar_hernandez

How does your app upgrade work? Is it by copying over the data files? Then this is expected behaviour. ALS and ADS work the same.

(05 Feb '14, 05:55) Joachim Duerr
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