i need TDataSet Source Version 9.0 for Lazarus on Linux. Can you help me please?

asked 15 Jan '14, 03:39

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Lazarus support was added in ADS 10.1. There was a guy from the Freepascal ecospehre (Michael van Canneyt) who did a port a couple of versions earlier, but I don't find the files any more. Since ADS 9 is not supported anymore I suggest to update to V10.1 (or better 11.1 since V10 support will soon be dropped aswell).


answered 15 Jan '14, 04:12

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Joachim Duerr
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Thansk Joachim,

but i can't update my server. I must use the Version 9.0.


answered 15 Jan '14, 04:20

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Ok, i will test the new server for my Application with the new ADS 11.1. Can i get a 2-User License for testing and developing?


answered 21 Jan '14, 23:30

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you need to contact your ADS sales rep.

(23 Jan '14, 03:24) Joachim Duerr

Hello, I’m new in this forum. I've an question about "Advantage TDataSet for Linux (Lazarus or CodeTyphon)". I'm very interesting to use ADS in as single application with options to connect to an DB-Server (if multiuser support is needed).

I've testing with Kubuntu 14.04 64Bit AND 32Bit and with Lazarus 32bit and 64 Bit and the same with Codetyphon 5.1 (also Lazarus environment) as 32 and 64 Bit, but nothing worked with "Advantage TDataSet for Lazarus". I've reading the help files under help Dir from ace 11.10 (/usr/local/ads/help), but the Problems with the not found "Libc" unit in the ads-sourcen by compiling the adsl.lpk are not described.

Is it possible to use/programming Advantage TDataSet with (modern) Linux enviroment and to create projects for Windows AND Linux Users?

Many thanks in advance for useful Tipps.

Regards, Ralf


answered 11 Jan '15, 02:45

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Ralf Becker
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