Delphi XE, ADS 10.1
Data: Field=ITEMNR
Fields: "M-M123"
        "M M123"

If i am trying an incremental search in a dbEdit using a Locate-method in the onChange-event with "M " ADS will NOT position to "M M123", but will remain on "M-M123" ! That is a big problem for us because the incremental search is giving a wrong result. Do you have some solution for this error?

asked 17 Sep '13, 06:03

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edited 17 Sep '13, 09:17

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Mark Wilkins

This is because a char field is always padded with blanks and so 'M' and 'M ' are identical.


answered 17 Sep '13, 06:08

Joachim%20Duerr's gravatar image

Joachim Duerr
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Thanks Joachim, but some of our components (eg. dbLookUpEh from the EHLib) uses intern the locate-function und therefore the result is wrong and we can't use it. (and i have hundreds of this components in my application!)

(18 Sep '13, 07:41) King-Soft
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