We would like to return a result set in a single query, based on a #temp table, which is created AND dropped in the same SQL statement. How can this be accomplished, because when I use the following query, I don;t get an result set (in the Advantage Architect - v10.10.0.6).

select top 10 * into #temp from mytable;

select * from #temp;

drop table #temp;

I need this to be an single SQL statement.... - with MSSQL a result set is returned...

asked 10 Sep '12, 05:44

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Ronald Hoek
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The temp table must exist when the result set is returned. Instead of dropping the table before you return, I suggest you drop it the next time the script is executed:


SELECT TOP 10 * INTO #temp FROM mytable;

SELECT * FROM #temp;

The TRY .. CATCH will handle the situation where the temp table doesn't yet exist. Note that temp tables are connection specific and automatically cleaned up when you disconnect.


answered 10 Sep '12, 06:53

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Peter Funk
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OK, thanks Peter. This works for me.

(10 Sep '12, 13:02) Ronald Hoek
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