One of our customers has been running a 25 user Advantage v8.1 server. The client applications normally connect over a LAN with no problems and its been running successfully for several years. Today, the users are getting a 7077 error when trying to connect. We logged onto their server and tried to run our client application from the server desktop and that gives the same and/or other error of 7078.

We tried re-starting the Advantage server and still get the error. We then tried using Advantage Architect to connect... We can successfully connect with 'local' setting, however everytime we try a 'remote' connection type, we get the 7078 user authentication error. There are no other connections active when we try the 'remote' connection.

We are going to try re-booting the server later on, to see if this clears the problem. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Check the ads_err.adt for the more specific error codes. If the error code does not explain the problem, you can post the lines with the errors here. We may be able to clarify it some.

(11 Jan '13, 07:45) Alex Wong

Given the 7077 and the fact that you are able to connect with "local server" it sounds like another application and / or user is inadvertently connected with local server given my experience. This can also be confirmed by using Alex's advice above and seeing if an error code 32 is logged with the 7077 (same date/time/thread)

I would recommend using the Sysinternals tool Process Monitor to look for any applications/users local on the server that may be connecting to the data.

For users that may be connecting to data via a network connection I would recommend the following:

  • Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management
  • Once Computer Management is open, expand "Shared Folders" and click on Open Files
  • Check for users that may have the file open directly

answered 11 Jan '13, 08:35

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