I am trying to use sever side alias.

TeamDataBase=c:\TeamData // works fine


TeamDataBase=\\\oatkinson-lr1\hd_x\TeamData // works fine.

hd_x is a share on an external SATA drive

on Tom's machine

TeamDataBase=\\\twalden\ExtE\TeamData // does not work

Here ExtE is a share on an external drive too, however USB connected.

both cases the share is the root of the drive

Error returned is a 7078

The connection string is always:

"Data Source = \\\[Correct Machine Name]\TeamDataBase\mydata\mydictionary.add;user=me;password=why;"

could the different connection method of the externalk HD be the cause that one machine works, the other does not ?

Thanks Oskar

asked 31 Dec '12, 10:24

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Jens Mühlenhoff

The external drive type shouldn't matter, USB vs external SATA. Be sure to use two slashes at the front of your connection string when it is a UNC path (\\server\share). Also make sure you're not mixing local and remote connections. Maybe try specifying ServerType=Remote in your connection string.


answered 31 Dec '12, 13:00

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Peter Funk
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I would also want to make sure that the owner of the directory on the external drive is the same user as the owner of the ADS service on the server. On Linux that user should be the user.group advantage.advantage. On Windows that user should be the user system.


answered 31 Dec '12, 13:36

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