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AXSQL Parameter Support

Advantage AXSQL RDDs

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The AdsSQLServer class supports SQL parameters in the constructor (init) and Refresh methods.  Read more about parameters in SQL statements here and here.  Parameters in VO are passed in using key-value arrays.  The first argument is the parameter name (key) and the second argument is the parameter value.  For example:


{{ "Lastname", "Smith" }}


Multiple parameters can be passed in like so:


{{"Lastname", "Smith"}, {"CustomerID", 100 }}


The AdsSQLServer class supports both named and unnamed parameters.  Unnamed parameters are placed in the SQL query using a question mark (?) and then set using numbers based on their position in the query.  For example:


oServer := AdsSQLServer{ "SELECT * FROM customers WHERE Lastname = ? and Firstname = ?", , , "AXSQLADT", , {{ 1, "Coles" }, {2, "Becky" }}}




oServer:Refresh({{ 1, "Coles" }, {2, "Jenny" }} )