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The Advantage Product Family

Advantage Database Server

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The Advantage Database Server is the database engine that supports an entire family of Advantage products. Brief descriptions of Advantage clients and Advantage Internet Server are provided below. For more information, reference your client-specific Advantage documentation, or visit the Advantage Web site:

Advantage Clients

Advantage clients can seamlessly replace existing database drivers with fully compatible Advantage drivers. Previously developed database applications can be easily converted to access the Advantage Database Server using customized Advantage development interfaces. Advantage clients are free and are included on the Advantage product CD.

Available Advantage clients include native, integrated solutions for Delphi, Kylix, C++Builder, CA-Clipper, and CA-Visual Objects. Windows and Linux development platforms can also access the Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server via a variety of Advantage clients including (but not limited to) the Advantage Client Engine API, the Advantage ODBC Driver, the Advantage Perl DBI Driver, the Advantage OLE DB Provider, the Advantage JDBC Driver, and the Advantage .NET Data Provider. For a complete list of available Advantage clients, visit the Advantage Product Line Overview Web page: