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Task 6: Register Your Procedure in the Data Dictionary

Advantage Concepts

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Now that we have our AEP written it’s time to register our procedure in the data dictionary. Start the Advantage Data Architect (ARC).

1.Select Open Database from the Database menu.
2.WINDOWS USERS: Type ‘X:\data\aep_tutorial.add’ in the Database Name edit box.

LINUX USERS: Type ‘~/data/aep_tutorial.add’ in the Database Name edit box.

3.Click OK.

Note If you receive a 7077 error at this point, it is because we have written this AEP to use local server connections (which we left open in the Delphi IDE), and you also have Advantage Database Server running on the machine your X: drive is mapped to. ARC is attempting a remote server connection, and if the tables are also opened by local server this open will fail with the 7077 error. To resolve this issue either unload the Advantage Database Server, or go back to your data module and add the ttAds_Remote option to both TAdsConnection component’s AdsServerTypes property.

4.When prompted for a login, click OK again.
5.Right-click the Stored Procedures icon in the tree view and select Add.
6.Enter all required information for the stored procedure.
7.Click OK to save the new procedure definition.