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Task 2: Create Your AEP Project

Advantage Concepts

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Because an AEP (Advantage Extended Procedure) container is a Windows DLL, COM library, .NET assembly, or a Linux shared object, there are many different methods in which you can create your source project. This tutorial will use Visual Basic .NET, and help you by providing a template you can use in all of your AEP development. Keep in mind an AEP can be written using any development environment that supports the generation of Windows Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), COM libraries, .NET assemblies, or Linux shared objects.

Start a new AEP Project:

1.Open Visual Studio .NET and select File->New->Project…
2.Select AdvantageAEP from the list of templates.
3.Specify ‘c:\data’ as the location of the new project.
4.Enter "AdvantageAEP1" as the project name.
5.Click OK.
6.Double-click on the ‘aep_procedures.vb’ item in the Solution Explorer to view the template source code.
7.Select Save All from the File menu.