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Task 1: Copy Test Data and Application

Advantage Concepts

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This tutorial uses a simplified order-entry database, which can be found in the aep_tutorial\task1 directory of your installation (default is c:\Program Files\Advantage X.x\oledb\examples\aep_tutorial\task1). Copy the contents of this directory to a working directory, which will be referred to as c:\data throughout this tutorial.

Take a few moments to open this database using the Advantage Data Architect (ARC) and become familiar with the tables and their contents. The ADSSYS login password is empty.

A simple test application is also included with the database, aep_tester.exe. It should be noted that aep_tester.exe will not function correctly until you have finished Task 6 of this tutorial. The source to aep_tester.exe can be found in the examples\aep_tester directory.