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Table (DBF)

Advantage Concepts

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The Advantage Database Server supports standard Xbase DBF tables that are compatible with CA-Clipper DBF tables, Microsoft FoxPro DBF tables, and Microsoft Visual FoxPro DBF tables. The dBASE III+ DBF format is the same as the CA-Clipper DBF/DBT files, so Advantage can use those files too. For compatibility reasons, Advantage treats Visual FoxPro tables as a separate type from older FoxPro DBF tables. When using Visual FoxPro tables with a data dictionary, the maximum field name length is 128 bytes. Otherwise, the maximum field name length for DBFs is 10 bytes. DBF field names may only contain the letters ‘a’-‘z’ and ‘A’-‘Z’, digits ‘0’-‘9’, and the underscore ‘_’ character. The maximum number of records in a DBF table is 2 billion.

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