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Advantage SQL Engine

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Returns Advantage Database Server configuration information. This procedure only returns the configuration items that do not affect memory.


EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_mgGetConfigInfo()


Item (O)

Name of the item.

Value (O)

Value from the server.


This procedure returns the following items:

Stat Dump Interval

Statistics dump interval

Error Log Max

Maximum size of the error log

Error Log Path

Location to write the error log file

Burst Packets

Number of packets per burst

Sort Buffer

Index sort buffer size

Sent IP Port

IP send port number

Receive IP Port

IP receive port number

Ghost Timeout

Disconnection time for partial connections

Flush Frequency

How often Local Server writes changes to disk

Keep Alive Timeout

When not using semaphore files. In milliseconds

Internet Port

Port for internet (AIS) connections

Max Conn Failures

Maximum internet connection failures allowed

Internet Keep Alive

In milliseconds

Compression Level

Compression option at server

Use IP

Use IP communications only *Win9x*

Flush Every Update

Write changes to disk immediately *Win9x*

NetWare Login Names

Display connections using user names (Deprecated)

Use Semaphore Files

Whether or not to use semaphore connection files

Semaphore File Path

Location of semaphore files on the server

Use Dynamic AOFs

Indicates if filter membership is affected by modifications other users make to data.

Use Internet

0 if internet port is not specified

Transaction Log Path

Location of transaction log files

Receive SSL Port

SSL (TLS) receive port number

SQL Statement Limit

The default number of SQL statements that a connection can have open at one time. See SQL_STATEMENT_LIMIT.

User SQL Statement Limit

The number of SQL statements that the current connection can have open at one time.  See sp_SetStatementLimit.


EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_mgGetConfigInfo();

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