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Advantage SQL Engine

Advantage SQL Engine

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The Advantage SQL engine is the core SQL engine that is available to all Advantage Windows and Linux clients. The information in the Advantage SQL section is intended to provide the reader with the details of the SQL implementation that are specific to the Advantage SQL engine. It is not intended to be a tutorial on the usage of the SQL language. There are many very good books on SQL. For example, Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties. Advanced SQL Programming (Celko, ISBN 1558605762) and A Guide to the SQL Standard (Date, Darwen, ISBN 0201964260).

Advantage SQL support consists of most of the SQL-92 standard with ODBC extensions, as well as some SQL-2003 features such as Persistent Stored Module (PSM). The SQL engine also supports many features that are not in the current SQL standard but are customary available in other RDBMS, such as Views, Query Execution Plan, Query Logging, User Defined Function, and Temporary Tables.

The Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server provide native support for the SQL language. All Advantage Windows and Linux clients provide the capability to seamlessly access the Advantage SQL engine. For example, you can access Advantage SQL through the Advantage TDataSet Descendent using Delphi, through the Advantage ODBC Driver, the Advantage OLE DB Provider, Advantage JDBC driver, Advantage .NET provider, and through the Advantage Client Engine API. In addition, you can use the Advantage Data Architect as an administration utility and execute ad hoc SQL statements on the fly.