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Advantage Data Architect

Advantage Database Server

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The Advantage Data Architect (ARC) is a tool designed to assist you in efficiently developing and maintaining Advantage database applications. The Advantage Data Architect product can be downloaded from the Downloads page on the Advantage Database Server Web site,


While developing your database application ARC enables you to:

Import other table types (such as Paradox, Btrieve, Access, etc.) to Advantage compatible tables
Create and maintain Advantage Data Dictionaries
Create tables and indexes
Restructure existing tables
Encrypt/decrypt tables and/or dictionaries
Test filters, scopes/ranges, and lookups
Generate and test Advantage SQL engine queries using a visual query designer
Test ODBC SQL queries
Generate code to automatically create tables and indexes using the Advantage Tables to Code Generator


When setting up your database application ARC enables you to:

Test the client’s environment to prevent problems when connecting to the Advantage Database Server
Create aliases similar to those used by the Borland Database Engine


After the database is running, ARC enables you to:

Manage data with functions such as reindexing, packing tables, restructuring and repairing tables
Manage Data Dictionaries with the Advantage Database Manager Tool
Manage Advantage Database Server activity with the Advantage Management utility
Execute maintenance tasks from within a transaction