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Error Handling

Advantage JDBC Driver

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The Advantage JDBC Driver reports errors to the calling application by throwing SQLExceptions. Each SQLException contains the following information:

Description of the probable cause of the error
Native error code (if applicable)
String containing the XOPEN SQLstate

Advantage JDBC Driver Errors

An error generated by the Advantage JDBC Driver has the following format:

[sap][Advantage JDBC]message

For example:

[sap][Advantage JDBC]Permissions not granted.

You may, at times, need to check the last JDBC call your application made and refer to the JDBC specification for the recommended action.

Database Errors

An error generated by the Advantage Database Server may have the following format:

[sap][Advantage SQL Engine]Message

For example:

[sap][Advantage SQL Engine]Invalid table name: Table1

Use the native error code to look up details about the possible cause of the error. For these details, refer to the Advantage Error Guide (ADSERROR.HLP or adserror.htm) and the Advantage Database Server documentation.