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Advantage 67xx Error Codes

Advantage Error Guide

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6701 An illegal buffer length was supplied

6703 An illegal command was supplied

6705 The command timed out

6706 A message was incomplete. The application needs to issue another command.

6707 The buffer address specified was illegal

6708 The session number specified was out of range.

6709 No resource was available

6710 The session was closed. ADSDOSIP shut down communications with the CA-Clipper application

6711 The command was canceled

6713 A duplicate name existed in the local name table

6714 The name table was full

6715 The command finished, however, the name has active sessions and is no longer registered

6717 The local session table was full

6718 The remote session table was full, therefore the request to open a session was rejected

6719 An illegal name number was specified

6720 The system did not find the name that was called

6721 A * is not permitted in the ncb_name member

6722 The name was already in use on the remote adapter

6723 The name was deleted

6724 The session ended abnormally

6725 A name conflict was detected

6733 The interface was busy. IRET before retrying

6734 Too many commands were outstanding. The application can retry the command later.

6735 The ncb_lana_num member did not specify a valid network number

6736 The command finished while a cancel operation was occurring

6738 The NCBCANCEL command was not valid, therefore the command was not canceled

6748 The name specified was defined by another local process

6752 The environment was not defined. A reset command must be issued.

6753 System resources were exhausted. The application can retry the command later.

6754 The maximum number of applications was exceeded

6755 Service access points SAPs were unavailable for NetBIOS

6756 The requested resources were not available

6757 The NCB address was invalid

6759 The NCB DDID was invalid

6760 The attempt to lock the user area failed

6763 An error occurred during an open operation being performed by the device driver

6764 A system error occurred

6770 The read received data that was too large

6771 The packet had a bad header

6772 The packet had bad data