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Advantage 64xx Error Codes

Advantage Error Guide

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Note If you receive an error in the 64xx range, contact Advantage Technical Support for more information.

6401 Invalid socket handle

6402 No system resources to open socket

6403 Internal SIPX system error

6404 Versions of NWSIPX.DLL and Client32 server are mismatched

6405 Invalid subnetwork handle

6406 No subnets available for IPX

6407 Data overflow in received message

6408 Datagram larger than is supported by WinSock

6409 WinSock version not supported

6410 Destination address not available

6411 Network cannot be reached

6412 No buffers available

6413 Timed out

6414 Connection forcefully refused

6415 System not ready for network communication

6416 Requested version of sockets not supported

6417 General NCP request failure

6418 Unable to open service connection

6419 Unable to find server with Advantage started/loaded

6420 Unable to discover the Advantage Database Server

6421 The IP address for the given server was invalid or not found in ADS.INI

6422 The port for the given server was invalid or not found in ADS.INI

6423 Authentication failed

6424 Failed to locate ads.ini file

6425 An Advantage Data Dictionary connection is required for Internet connections