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Advantage 60xx Error Codes

Advantage Error Guide

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6002 Index corruption detected

6010 Bad conditional index expression

6011 Index key is too long

6012 Invalid key length

6015 No Advantage Optimized Filter Exists

6020 No table open in current work area

6021 No index open

6022 Tag does not exist

6023 Bad tag number

6024 No current record

6025 Bad arguments

6026 Invalid data type

6027 Invalid master index

6028 Operation performed on a non-custom index

6030 Memo entry too long

6031 No memo file

6032 Invalid FPT memo block size

6033 Memo field does not exist

6034 Not an Advantage work area

6035 Incorrect client driver

6036 Encryption password does not exist

6037 No memo data exists

6040 Error opening file containing the BLOB

6041 Error creating BLOB file

6042 Illegal BLOB file length

6043 Error during BLOB file positioning

6044 File read error

6045 Memo field does not contain a BLOB

6046 File write error

6060 Advantage Database Server not started/loaded on specified server

6061 Low on memory

6062 Tables on different servers

6063 Local drive specified. Must access a network drive that has the Advantage server started/loaded.

6064 Getting the computer name failed

6066 Invalid path specified

6067 Not logged into network

6069 Primary connection to Advantage server failed

6070 Low level network function initialization failed

6071 Connection of Advantage server failed

6072 Advantage client failure during creation of a Microsoft networking mailstot

6073 Advantage client failure during writing to a Microsoft networking mailslot

6074 Advantage client failure during reading to a Microsoft networking mailslot

6075 Request of Microsoft networking software configuration failed

6080 Error loading the Advantage remote communication layer DLL

6081 Error retrieving the function addresses in an Advantage DLL

6082 Error loading the Advantage Local Server DLL

6083 Error loading client expression engine DLL

6084 Error finding task in client expression engine DLL

6087 IPX not installed

6090 No structural index

6091 Index(es) open on destination table

6093 Table and index file on different servers

6094 Login reject

6095 Too many tags

6096 Not a compound index file

6097 Bad IP address specified in connection path or in ADS.INI file